BTC nations

A new exciting way to earn crypto!

Oil wells produce oil which can be sold on the market or manufactured into gasoline and sold for more $ which you can withdraw!
Tanks are an effective ground military unit!

BTC nations is a browser game where you can earn USDT just by playing!

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-Withdrawals from 0.01!
-Directly to FaucetPay !
-Payments in USDT!

BTC nations is a strategy browser game where you can develop a nation and actually withdraw its revenue! Currently you can withdraw to your FaucetPay account .

Your goal is to create cities and develop them in order to increase your income, as soon as you have 0.01$ you can already withdraw.

There is a basic guide on the site and an in depth guide on the Discord channel .

In the game you can build a bank to increase base tax income by 1.000% !

If you like browser games AND earning money online then this game is definitelly for you!
You can expand your commerce, resources production or manufacture and trade resources on the market!

You can even wage wars against other players and steal their cash!

There are endless possibilities! If you like taking risks you can even attack other players and take their own money!

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Gasoline refineries produce gasoline which is used mainly for defensive purposes.
If you are blockaded by navy you cant deposit, trade or withdraw from the game!