Easy steps to earn crypto non stop!

UPDATED 27/7/21 removed closed sites and added new

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Sign up on these sites, they allow you to earn every few minutes so by cycling through them you can get an endless stream of income!


1- Get-Bitcoin – Faucet claim 1 – 50 + 8 satoshi every 15 minutes

2- Adbtc – RU and ENG, Surf ads, earn unlimited BTC and rubles every day. Very high rewards! Up to 40+ satoshi per PTC! 2.000 minimum withdrawal.

Fire Faucet : The Best Auto Faucet

3- Fire faucet – Ptc ads , faucet and daily bonuses ! Level system and high rewards on auto faucet!

4- Faucet crypto – Low minimum withdrawal and daily bonus + lvl system!

The following sites are all identicall and have faucets, shortlinks + PTC ads. I suggest cycling through them and claim from faucets .

Vie faucet 3 min 0.0005$ and 30 sec 0.0002$ (two faucets)

Satsuma faucet 60 min 0.004$ (very good shortlinks earnings)

Crypto clicks 5 min 0.0003$

9 lucky bits 5 min 0.0007$

Faucet top 2min 0.0004$

Multi coins 5 min 0.0006$

Ace faucet 0 min 0.0004$

Doctor faucet 1 min 0.00035$

Crypto faucet 2 min 0.00035$

Neo bits 5 min 0.0005$

Rush Doge 5 min 0.0004$

Hilano faucet 15 min 0.00025$

Bits free 30 min 0.001$

Faucet plus 5 min 0.0006$

Bit earns 4 min 0.0006$

Faucet claim 5 min 0.0006$

Bitcoin cyclone 5 min 0.0005$

The following sites below are suggested for their rich features:

Faucet coins – A lot of good paying PTC ads, PTP 0.00025$ , faucet and more! I suggest this one for the PTP + PTC !

Cryptogaming site – A LOT of good paying PTC ads, PTP up to 0.6$ per mile , revenue shares ! Its own forums and on site message system!

To withdraw use Faucet pay .

Alternatively you can safely store and trade crypto on Payeer .

I will be adding more good faucets so make sure to bookmark this page!

Below are 1 hour faucets , you can get extra claims by completing shortlinks. Just click on the banners to open all the sites and register!


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